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James Phillip

9th December 1947 ■ 4th March 2021

Young 6’s a cappella - “If I can help somebody”

James Phillip

Dedicated to pastoral service, James Phillip said that he had a “strong impression that there was nothing else I could have done and be happy. God had called me specifically, although I was a very shy person”.

Living as a Pastor was his everyday lifestyle and this was reflected in the names ascribed to him: John, James, Theophilus, Phillip. He navigated life on a relational basis that had local, regional, and international impact.


“I enjoy the friendship of people, their helpfulness and willingness to become involved, and their concern for the work of God”.

“God has shown his love for me by giving me a beautiful wife, two lovely children and three grandchildren; with the ability not to worry and to get along with people”.

His message to the worldwide community of believers in these last days is based on Isaiah 43:1-2:

“People should keep holding on to the hand of Jesus and never let go despite the difficulties that may come your way. Hold on and trust until Jesus comes the second time”.

James leaves to mourn his: 

  • Wife – Anne Phillip
  • Daughters – Shanda Reid and Anna-Lee Fyffe
  • Grandchildren – Anton Fyffe, Anaya Fyffe, Christal Reid
  • Siblings – Charles Phillip, Matthew Phillip, Josephine Boyles, Winston Morris, Lloyd Morris, Eirette Morris, Kennedy Bedford-Morris
  • Sister-in-laws – Sonya Phillip, Leonie Phillip, Donna Bedford-Morris, Sherry Morris, Enid Morris, Sherlyn Morris
  • Sons-in-law – Andrew Fyffe, Christon Reid
  • Deceased siblings – Charlie Morris, Atatlila (aka Clarice aka Baby) Phillip, Wallymore ‘Menshien’ Morris, Calwyn Morris
  • Deceased parents – Joseph and Irene Morris
  • The extensive Morris/Phillip/Bedford/Tyson/Stephen family network of nephews, nieces and cousins
  • Too numerous to count worldwide family of believers waiting for Christ’s soon return

Further Info​


Death of Pastor Phillip

Born in the Caribbean island of St Kitts in the late 1940s who would have known that ‘shy John Morris’ …


Bring Me Down Pastor James Phillip

Pastor Phillip shares a powerful message recorded over three years ago at the Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Profile - Pastor James Philip

Capitalising on the favourable May weather, retired pastor, James Philip, tilled the ground in his Lewisham allotment.

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Hector and Cleo

I know the God of comfort is embracing you and bearing you on eagle’s wings as the impact of the loss of Pastor Phillip is beginning to take root. 

While his larger than life presence will be forever missed, his spirit of compassion, confidence, command, camaraderie, and of course the spirit of Christ will linger on in our hearts and minds for ever.

Order of

31st March 2021

Due to Covid-19, social distancing rules apply.
Funeral arrangements are strictly by invitation only.


Musical Prelude

Alden Clarke group (UK)


Family Processional 

“Total Praise”


Welcome Address & Prayer

Pastor Keith Boldeau, Brixton SDA Church (UK)



“Come ye Disconsolate” by Project Harmony (UK)


Scripture Reading

Psalms 121:1-3 by Anaya, Christal, Anton (Grandchildren)



Shanda (Daughter, UK)


Musical Item

“There is a Time” by Shirley-Ann & Neil Thomas (Niece & Nephew, USA)



  • What would Daddy say? – Anna-lee (Daughter, UK)
  • Early years – Winston Morris (Brother, St Kitts)
  • Loving Memories – Rev Kennedy Bedford (Brother, UK)
  • Friends – George King, Theo Sargent, Cyril Horrell, Nigel & Maryline David, Winsley Hector
  • East Caribbean Time – Marcelline Greenidge (Retired Secretary) Reading by Cherysse Sampson-Bennett
  • East Caribbean Conference – Dr Colin Thorne (Executive Secretary, Barbados)
  • South England Conference: Pastor Emmanuel Osei (President, UK)
  • Pastor Ebenezer Lartey-Jones (London Ghana Church, UK)
  • British Union Conference – Pastor Ian Sweeney (President, UK)


Musical Item

“Solid Rock” by Alden Clarke group & Singers (UK)


Words of Comfort

  • Sowing the Seed by Dr Elwin St Rose (USA)
  • Cultivate by Pastor Leslie Ackie (UK)
  • Harvest by Dr Clinton Valley (USA)


Song of Consolation

“Just Believe” by Alden Clarke group & Singers (UK)


Prayer of Consolation

Pastor Bernie Holford (UK)


Family Recessional

“We have this Hope” (arranged by Alden Clarke)

Eddie & Yvonne, Australia

Love and condolences. We were blessed to have known him, been inspired by him, mentored by him. We are encouraged that we were the generation that knew him, and want to thank God for that. He will be missed.
We ask that the Lord will keep your heart comforted and determined. We want to thank you all for being a part of our lives in such a great way. Sorry we are so far away and can’t hug you. We will join you online when you celebrate his life. Much love. God bless you.

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God alone is worthy to be praised!

The family wants to also thank the work and efforts of the following individuals. None of this was possible without their time and effort.

Anna Francis

Benjamin Emmanuel

Cabinet Secretary, Government of St Lucia

Pastor Bernie Holford

Bethany Baker

Caleb Grant

Courtney Rose

Calvin Blake

Funeral Director

Cameron & Kelly

Cecilia Wickham-Anderson

Ms Chinue Augustus

Cherysse Sampson-Bennett

Clintelle Stephen

Dr Clinton Valley

Dr Clive Dottin

Director of the Caribbean Union Conference, Trinidad & Tobago

Pastor Colin Thorne

Executive Secretary of Eastern Caribbean Conference, Barbados


Dr Cyril Horrell

Daniella Bernard

Honorary Denzil Douglas

Former Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis

Pastor Desmond James

President of North Caribbean Conference, St Croix

Pastor Ebenezer Lartey-Jones

London Ghana Church, UK

Pastor Edson Augustus

Dr Elvin St Rose

Dr Emmanuel Osei

President of South England Conference

Pastor Everette Howell

Dr Fitzroy Maitland

Honorary Fortuna Belrose

Minister of Government of St Lucia

Dr George King

Pastor Godfrey Beresford

Heather Walker

Funeral Co-ordinator

Dr Hillary Bowman

President of the University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago

Pastor Ian Sweeney

President of the British Union Conference, UK

Jamie Gittens

Floor Manager/Coordinator

Dr Jansen & Gloria Trotman

Dr Jason Max Ferdinand

John Henry

Pastor John & Patsy Josiah

Pastor Keith Boldeau

Pastor of Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Church, UK

Kelly McIntosh

Funeral Arranger Extraordinaire

Rev Kennedy Bedford-Morris

Dr Kern Tobias

President of Caribbean Union Conference, Trinidad & Tobago

Pastor Leslie Ackie

Dr Leon Phillips

Elder Linus Deterville

Louanne Sampson

Marian Pilgrim

Melvin Jellow

Neil Thomas

Nerry John

Select Affairs Catering Ltd

Nigel and Maryline David

Clinical Chaplain
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Nyashia Blackburn

One-Gen Z

Pastor Richard Jackson

President of North England Conference, UK

Pastor Roger Stephen

President of St Lucia Mission SDA

Roy Moodie

Shirley Ann Thomas

Honorary Stephenson King

Minister of Government of St. Lucia

Pastor Theodore Sergeant

Dr Vernon Andrews

Pastor Walston Charles

Dr Winsley Hector

Yetunde Murphy

Young 6

Darrel Daniel, Dr Jason Ferdinand,
Irwin Allicock, Joel LeGendre,
Keith Kirk, Kevin Noel, Shelton Thorpe

Zhane Simpson

The Aeolians

Alden Clarke

Bianca Brown

Derick Mensah

Dignity Funerals Ltd

Ashton Funeral Directors, Balham, UK

Miya McKoy

Nicholas Blackburn

Project Harmony

Clyde Richardson (Arranger),
Andre Jones, Cleon Richardson, David Adams, Duane Wright, Eban Hutton, Dr Elron Mighty, Keith Taylor, Loxson McKoy, Nawa Nambula, Reuel Jones

Shamarie Mobile & Salon

Scripture Says

Shurnelle Spencer

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