Maybe you have a story to share or a memorable impact moment with James. You can do so by typing a tribute or uploading video or audio files. The information shared will be read by others on the website but also will be collated for the family.

Sorry to hear of your sad loss . May Yahweh give you his peace and comfort in knowing that death is not the end …. there’s better to come on the great resurrection day .. no more death but eternal life by His grace .

Joan Stewart


A special memory of Pastor Phillip dedicating our children to the Lord in 2017.

Leonie & Javan

To Sister Anne Phillip & Family on the loss of Pastor. We hope you all may find comfort in the words of this song.

There is coming a day
When no heartaches shall come
No more clouds in the sky
No more tears to dim the eye
All is peace forever more
On that happy golden shore
What a day, glorious day that will be.

There’ll be no sorrows there
And no more burdens to bear
No more sickness and no more pain
No more parting over there
And forever I will be
With the One who died for me
What a day, glorious day that will be.

May the Lord continue to comfort you under his wings until that great glorious day!

John & Louisa Stephen

Photography by CR

Marker vs Maker

Dearest Family
Sincerest condolences to you all following the death of Pastor Phillip, our hearts go out to you all at this sad time! My memories of Pastor is that he was a true man of God; a wonderful lover of people and ever so down-to-earth; a really warm-hearted soul called by God to ministry and he did so amazingly; this is a little snippet of the stature of Pastor! Sis Phillip you too, complimented your husband so graciously always welcoming and open armed with a hug for all of us; Pastor sleeps for a moment awaiting the call of His Master whom he served well! We grieve his loss with you all and thank God for his life of service to his family and church family; our thoughts and prayers are with you all! May our Father wrap His arms of love around you all in the days/months to come! May his soul rest in eternal peace until the resurrection morning! Even so, come Lord Jesus! Much love from The Constantine/Lendor & Brooks Family😘

Jenny Constantine

We will see you at the Harvest JP!

He was my first room mate in CUC. James was an amazing soldier of the cross. He magnetized everyone that came within range with his laugh and positivity. His nickname should be Well Done.

Dr Oriel Thomas

From this link, you will find a reflection service

Spartan connections

Pauline and I are grateful that we can use this medium to publicly express our condolences to Anne, Shanda and Anna-lee and the rest of the family on the death of James and to give a short tribute.
James was one of the first ministers I met when I came to London in 1988. He was one of the first to have invited me to speak in his church. I then succeeded him in the Lewisham district of churches in January 1990. We served together in SEC London Area 6B for many years. His service in the District – in various capacities, to include Area treasurer, will not be forgotten. We have lost a giant of a man, and with his absence, the world will be a worse off place. James is dead, but thankfully, he is not gone forever. So, with you – Anne, Shanda, Anna-lee and the rest of the family, Pauline and I, we joyfully await that glorious morning when death will give way to life and all of God’s children will be re-united around Jehovah’s awesome throne. May resurrection morning come soon.

S. Matthias & PA. Esson

Unofficial photos of JP’s funeral

Eddie Phillip & Christal Reid


Scripture Song – Psalm 27

Bianca Brown

Pastor James Phillip was the best Pastor I have met. He was understanding, showed care and concern to everyone. He was so humble and interactive with everyone and showed no favoritism. I remember seeing him doing a collection for ADRA in the shopping centre. I thought this was very unusual for a Pastor. He always had a smile and a positive word to say to me. My daughter Jolie and I will miss you very much. We love you but Jesus loves you best so goodnight until we meet at Jesus feet.

Joy Mccalla

It is with much love, sadness and appreciation the Swaby family would like to acknowledge the impressionable impact Pastor J Phillip made in our lives. The laughs, help, support, and guidance he gave us. We pray for God’s continued healing and peace within the heart of his family. We love you Sister Phillip and family. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Swaby Family

Dear Anne, Shanda and Anna-Lee,

My heart goes out to you all on the loss of your husband, father, friend, mentor, life example and Man of God.

James was a key figure and role model for me since I was a youth and introduced to many of us to your beautiful family as a unit who have always shared love, joy, teachings and compassion. I am blessed and grateful for James’ interest in me, his prayers, teachings and funny jokes. Oh and his laughter.

Deepest condolences and prayers of consolation for you and James’ loved ones. Until that morning… Much love to you all. God bless. X

Desirée Banugo

Tribute to the Late Pastor James Phillip

In 2006, my family I found ourselves at Balham. I was there to do my internship with Pastor James Phillip.

It did not take long for me to call him dad rather than Pastor Phillip and to us, that was who he was.

Dad (Pastor Phillip) had an ear and taste for good music. We had many discussions about his sound blaster, amplifier, and his stereo in the office. He was a gadget man and though I was a young Pastor, I could not compete with him. He had every new gadget release without exception.

Dad (Pastor Phillip) enjoyed the variety of food and commented on every dish. He knew how to make people feel good about their cooking and appreciated as well as celebrated everybody’s culture, especially “food.”

Dad (Pastor Phillip) was a good listener and communicator and was willing to share his life journey. As a result, we talked and discussed anything – absolutely anything.

He taught me that ministry is about people, not sermons and this was very evident in our pastoral visits which defied the book theory of 30-45 minutes maximum because our pastoral visits included:
• Cooking
• Plumbing work
• Carpentry
• Shopping
• Painting
• Gardening
• Accounts management
• Watching the news with the members and talking about life

In fact, when I visited with Dad (Pastor Phillip), it felt like visiting a family member rather than a church member.

Dad (Pastor Phillip) was a very practical minister and extremely generous with his money and time. Any time we visited abroad, he ensured that he brought back something for the church members.

When it came to meetings – Dad (Pastor Phillip) was in attendance and engaging. He always insisted that I wear a tie and at least a jacket. He’d exclaim – “you represent God and I do not want anyone visiting with me looking like a “riff-raff.” He had a unique taste for fashion and co-ordination.

Any time I sit in my car, I will remember Dad (Pastor Phillip). Let me tell you why. I have my comb, hand cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, perfume, and lip balm. These and many more are the items that greet your sight when you explore his car. He always had an extra tie in his car and he’ll say to me – “boy, you always need to have these things in the car so that the members do not see you with patched dry hands and spinach stuck in your teeth”.

Most of the time we did pastoral visits in one car – either his Mercedes or my Nissan. Once we went on a pastoral visit in two cars – he was in front because he knew where he was going and I followed. All of a sudden, we found ourselves on a one-way road. As an obedient intern – I followed. Two weeks later we both received a ticket which I hesitated to tell him. Some weeks later, he asked, “Anthony”, I responded – “Yes dad. Did you get any parcel in the post?” I replied – “Parcel? No”. He said “well, I did, and handed me his fine”. We both burst out in laughter.

Pastor Phillip took me everywhere he went and introduced me to all his friends that we came in contact with. It was almost like Mary had a little lamb that went everywhere that Mary went. I remember on one occasion we went to the United States and in the morning, I took my shirt and put it on the hanger. When I came later to put on my shirt, it was nowhere to be found. Upon a closer look, I realized that Dad (Pastor Phillip) had my shirt on. I knew because it looked tight on him but he took no notice. Later on, I realised that he had almost the same colour shirt on the chair and seeing my shirt assumed that it was his. We had a great laugh.

Dad (Pastor Phillip) and mum (Mrs. Phillip) frequently invited our family home. He boasted frequently of his June plum juice with ginger and lime and his cooking skills. I must confess, he did have a point. We enjoyed many meals and fellowship with them at his home.

Despite all that I have shared, Dad (Pastor Phillip) was a very serious minister that you did not mess with. He was ready to discuss any subject and if anyone got too big for their shoes, he knew how to put that person in their right place.

He had an international encyclopedic knowledge about almost anybody in the British Union Conference and around the world – at least that is what it seemed like to me. You just had to mention the name and …

Dad (Pastor Phillip) was fearless and always had up-to-date information. He was indeed unique and exceptional.

It was a great privilege to call him dad and it is still a privilege for Helen and me to call Mrs. Ann Phillip as mum.

Our deepest condolences to the family. May the Lord comfort you.

Anthony Opoku-Mensah

Condolences to the family of Pastor J Phillip, he will truly be missed.
He brought such life to the word of God. I will miss his smiles, his laughter, and his words of wisdom. May God comfort the family at this time 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Cherine Taylor

Pastor Phillip has blessed my family over the years when he pastored at the Lewisham SDA Church. Whenever or wherever we would meet on the off chance he always greeted me with a firm handshake and a smile, asking “when are you coming back to church?”. Rest in perfect peace Pastor Phillip, I pray that God our father will continue to bless the family through this very sad time.🙏🏾

Maxine Corion

My dear Sister Phillip and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May God strengthen and comfort you all as you lay Pastor to rest. May his soul rest in peace

Elaine Campbell

In loving memory of Pastor Phillip, may he rest in peace until we meet again. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. God bless you all

Gerry & Dawn Remy

Hello to the Phillip family, my sincere condolences to you all.

We will meet him again in Heaven,

Hi to Shanda, remember going to Eltham Green Secondary School together a long long time ago.

Love and God Bless you all in this special time of need for your grieving.

Esther Dyce (formerly Dantzie)

Esther Dyce (formerly Dantzie)

So sorry that you have lost a precious member of your family. May God grant you strength to cope in your time of grief and may the memories of the good times you had with your loved one bring you comfort and keep him always in your thoughts.

Sister Sturge (Wood Green SDA church)

Our deepest condolences to the family. Pastor Phillip will be greatly missed. May God comfort and keep you strong.

June & Paul Thompson

Pastor Phillip was a people person.
He was a very humble, and joyous person. He was very committed to service and was a very faithful soldier of Jesus…
My Deepest Sympathy to his beautiful wife Anne, who supported him very well in his Ministry, his beautiful daughters, and the extended family
Love and God bless

Merle Alexis

My sincere condolences to Sis Phillip and her family. It was a pleasure knowing Pastor Phillip – he has been truly a real icon, jovial and down to earth… he will be sorely missed. Stay strong Sister Phillip, Anna-lee and Shanda… weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning… Let us all be faithful, until that day…God bless❤🙏

Polleen Campbell

Pastor James Phillip was a plain speaking servant of God. It was a pleasure sharing with him the delights of Christian ministry in the British Union Conference. He answered the call to serve as a pastor-evangelist in SEC and never looked back. He finished the course and kept the faith. Farewell my brother I will see you in that morning.

Pastor Perry

God uplift the family – is my prayer and He will – it is no secret what God can do.

Clem Morgan

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you Mrs Phillip and family.

Neville, Alarice and Nerissa Irish

I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and time spent around a wonderful blessed man of God, Dean “round one” Phillip. His way of interaction and at the same time rounding up the men for the different worship sessions and the slab will always be remembered. We’ve lost a champion. May you rest in peace, may the angels mark your spot until the trumpet sounds. My deepest condolences to your family. Until then with joy we’ll carry on.

Pastor Dennis Trellis

My deepest condolences on the loss of your husband, father and grandfather. He was such a gentle, funny man with a zest for life! Even though I am no longer a member he never made me feel unwelcome or criticized me in any way. There was always a warm smile and a big hug.

May his soul RIEP until that great getting up morning.

Love and peace to you all. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🌹🌹

Dawn Stewart

It was a glorious sunny day in May 1990, when Pastor Phillip married Horace and I in the presence of family and friends. Having been our Pastor at Lewisham SDA church for a number of years, sadly he was leaving for Brixton SDA church but before he left, permit me to say, he had one more task to complete and that was to give us marital counselling and what a very down to earth, no nonsense counsellor he was. So much so we assured him that he was not taking a risk and by God’s grace, our union has lasted 31 years this year and still going strong. We did not disappoint God or Pastor Phillip. Although we moved from London some 20 years ago we were happy to reunite with Pastor Phillip when he returned ‘home’ to Pastor Lewisham church in his final years prior to his retirement. Moving forward, we were deeply saddened to learn of his death. Horace and I wish to take this opportunity to send our love and heartfelt condolences to Anne, Shanda, Anna-lee, the grandchildren, and the extended family. A larger than life giant of a man is now at rest, sleeping, awaiting the first resurrection. A golden heart stopped beating, hard-working hands at rest. Pastor Phillip planted, watered and nurtured those in his care. One day soon, the Lord of Harvest will send forth His reapers and those who died in Christ together with those who are alive will be garnered into God’s everlasting kingdom. Until Then We Have This Hope! Amen!

Horace & Carol Squire

Dear Sister Phillip, Anna-Lee, Shanda and families. May God comfort, strengthen and give you peace in your sorrow. May His face shine on you and give you the courage and fortitude to carry on. May he rest in peace as we await the great getting morning when he will unite with you again. May God bless and keep you until that day. Many blessings.

Carrel Burton (Lion)

I remember Pastor Phillip reading Isaiah 35 as a scripture reading. What stood out for us as he read it was the blooming roses, people being healed, the joy of the saints walking towards New Jerusalem on a highway. The sounds of cascading water. In his reading of it he painted a vivid picture of our eternal home. Let us be faithful to join with those faithful ones in the first resurrection.

Julia and Hubert Smith-Samuels

Condolences to the Sister Anne Phillip and Family.
Pastor Philip dedication of another Reynolds family baby.

Ivy May Reynolds

Pastor Phillip and our family go a long way back. When we were living in St Lucia in the 70s – one night we were driving home from church. It was dark – we usually ate snacks on our drive home from the city – that night we were eating bread and bananas. One of us threw a piece of banana out the window and directly behind us was Pastor Phillip. The piece of banana went through his window and landed on his white shirt.

Pastor Philip followed us home – and showed dad the stain on his shirt.

He ended up staying for a snack and a long chat and bonding with us as a family.

When I saw him in UK again years later – I (now an adult) – he looked at me and said “ You’re a Dantzie ent you?” in a strong St Lucian accent. It was like connecting with an uncle such was our recollection of that night and the ongoing connection he had with my dad.

He was a very kind and supportive man – someone I always felt an affinity to when I saw him. He was an advocate for safeguarding of everyone – and dug his heels in for doing right.

The world has lost a good man – Pastor rest in peace. See you at the pearly gates.

Shanda it’s Esther we went to secondary school together in UK. Your dad was my favourite Pastor it will take too long for me to write here – so sorry to hear of your loss.

He has run his race, his job is done. Good job Pastor. Rest in peace Pastor Philip. Liz Forde and Esther Dyce both formerly Dantzie 💕🙏

Liz Forde – Nee Dantzie

My heart can sing when I pause to remember my dear Pastor James Phillip as a good spiritual leader and friend. I can remember when asked to serve and be ordained as an Elder, he would say in a very discipline voice tone – “this is a high calling not just to lead and serve in the Church but to represent God and His characteristics wherever you go” after which he gave a burst of haughty laughter and said “I am here for you don’t tolerate bad behaviour in silence”. To which I replied I’ll do my utmost best through the power of the Holy Spirit. So it is with deep sadness and sweet memories, my family and I share in celebrating the life of Pastor James Phillip as we lay him to rest in his new home to wake on that Great Resurrection morning.
To Sister Anne Phillip and family, Shanda and family; Anna-lee and family, we pray you’ll find comfort as you walk this journey of reflection and cherished memories you will have peace of mind and strength through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Love you all,
Joan, Lloyd and family. Peace, Peace, wonderful peace …….

Joan Robinson

Sis. Phillip and Family,  you can look forward to the grand reunion in heaven with your loved one who sweetly sleeps in Jesus.
Just to say how much I appreciated the ultimate experience of evangelistic campaigning where Pastor St. Rose was the evangelist. The advice and encouragement you gave me to re-dedicate and re-commit my life to the Lord have been of great value to me. I found the late Pastor James Phillip was a really kind, good encouraging, and man of God. An inspired and inspiring Pastor who was caring and a very supportive individual who as a pastor was very user friendly. Pastor James Phillip Sweet be your rest as you await the life-giving call of Jesus on that great and grand resurrection morning. I look forward to seeing you on the banks of the river of life. Sweet be your rest until Jesus comes. 😪

Sis. Celeste Braithwaite

Condolences to Sis Phillip and the rest of the family.
My time at Lewisham with Pastor Phillip are treasured ones. Pastor was a true shepherd who led his flock. His delivery of a sermon, his interaction with his congregation, his jokes😊 his pride in sharing items from his allotment are all treasured but none as when he baptised me all those years ago.
My prayers go to you Sis Phillip. God knows best .🙏🏼

Cleopatra Burke

The Pastor Phillip I Knew
I first met Pastor Phillip when the young men of my home church played a cricket match at Caribbean Union College (CUC), now the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC), in the mid-1970s. Our team rallied and posted a respectable score and pledged to hold our own. ‘Philly’ (as he was known to us) came in to bat at No. 3 and with total abandon overhauled and overwhelmed us with a batting display reminiscent of Viv Richards. He would not run singles or twos but would stand his ground admiring balls struck for fours or sailed over the boundary for sixes.
There was that affinity that drew the youth for my church with the young people at the College. On Friday nights a small group of us will make our way to CUC for sweet fellowship at Vespers and feverish discussions about themes and topics that would not always be resolved. The sheer fun of trying to find Biblical solutions to hypothetical scenarios was a delight and right at the centre were theology students including Pastor Phillip.
Sis Anne Pilgrim-Phillip was one of my able Junior Sabbath School teachers, who would later attend CUC. Then the announcement was made that that James Phillip had stolen one of our girls -Anne. Joy and best wishes were bestowed lavishly on them by the brethren and soon after they left for ministry and mission across the Caribbean.
The next time I met the Phillips was at Caribbean Union Conference Camporee in Barbados where Pastor Phillip was East Caribbean Conference Youth Director. It was at the beginning of that camp that Pastor Phillip took time out to demonstrate to me how to pitch a big text/marque. The rationale was that when we in times past erected a tent for crusades in my home area, there was always the demolition of the tent by the wind within hours or a day or two after, simply due to faulty and laborious exercises and a lack of proper ‘know how’.
While teaching at the Primary School at CUC, I had the opportunity of meeting the Phillip family again, this time Pastor Phillip was the Dean of Men. The resounding accolade was that Dean Phillip would meet out tough love from a genuine heart of love and concern for his charges. Then he seemed to have disappeared.
When I came to the UK, I would meet Ps Phillip again. We reminisced about the ‘good old days’ and would chat occasionally about life’s cares and spiritual matters. He gave generously when as a family we were in financial ‘straights’. He served as Chairman of the Theodore McCleary School Board where I was a teacher. He would also serve as my church pastor and chairperson of Area 6B Pastoral District.
We had moments of fun with ginger-beer and sorrel drinks. At one time he indicated that he may have to take me to the church board for the quality of our home-made ginger-beer. He had a strong knock on his pallet.
Pastor Phillip was generous, always giving of himself to others. Garden produce would be shared from his allotment.
A life well-lived. He gave much love and in turn received much love. Life can be so unkind but Pastor Phillip mustered the strength and continued to soldier on, no doubt until his passing.
Psalm 116:15 – Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. There must be singing up in heaven.
His breath has returned to our God who gave it but I pray that we all be found faithful to be reunited under the shade of the tree that bears twelve manner of fruits and be eternally healed of all earthly maladies.
To Sis Phillip, Shanda and Anna-lee, families and friends of Pastor Phillip, mourn as we must but the blessed hope will soon be realised. Be FAITHFUL.

Trevor Harewood

Condolences to Sis Phillip, Shanda and Anna-lee and your extended family. Pastor Phillip was someone who meant a lot to us and he will be really missed. His words of wisdom, sense of humour and his smile. His ability to bring the gospel to everyone and support anyone who felt discouraged. He is resting now, so we will support each other in our seasons of grief. Let us Praise the Lord for the blessed hope.

Nyashia, Nicholas and Sis Blackburn

I first met Pastor Phillip as Dean of Men in Sept 1985 when I arrived as a freshman at the then Caribbean Union College, now University of Southern Caribbean. He is indeed still the Dean of Deans to most of us, if not all us men who stayed in the men’s dorm under his watch.

He interacted very effectively with the men with an enviable balanced demeanour. Even as we appreciated the jovial manner he answered to the names ‘Softest’ and ‘Round One’, as he played the many games with us, ‘old talked with us’, laughed with us, equally, we greatly respected and appreciated his stand for discipline and proper Christian deportment.

Though he was my dean of men for just one year at CUC, when I met him again in the UK in 1998 it felt like he was still the dean. My greetings were “Dean what are you doing here?”

When he returned to my home church in Lewisham for his second stint of pastoral duties, I was serving as music director. I was again reminded of his love for music. We even accomplished the seemingly impossible task of getting LSDAC members to vote for the acceptance of playing drums during worship services.

Over the last few years, I had the distinct privilege of spending time with him as one of his chauffeurs. I even became his allotment buddy. Traveling and working at the allotment with him provided many memorable moments. He was pastor, big brother, friend, and even at times like a father. I gained a wealth of knowledge from him about church ministry, gardening, and even life as a whole.

Pastor Phillip really enjoyed gardening. Irrespective of his ill health, he was the fittest when at his allotment.

During my last conversation with him on Feb 14, I told him that I will no longer be driving his car because I had just gotten another driving fine. He replied ‘mate the problem is not the car, it is you’. That was what he called ‘shooting from his waist’. One of his many frequent lines in his sermons.

Pastor Phillip will certainly be missed by my family and I. Sleep on Doc – Joy comes in the morning!!

Terrence Blackman

My Sincere Condolences to Mrs Anne Phillip and family. You are in my prayers. I pray God will wrap His comforting arms around you all in this time of grief RIP Pastor James Phillip 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Lynn Ernest

Dearest Sister Phillip and Family

May God comfort you and your entire family/church family at this very sad time on the passing of Pastor Phillip. May we be comforted with the assurance of the Blessed Hope of Salvation, when we will all be reunited at the feet of Jesus🙏🏽🌹♥️

Revelation 21

Merlin Newell & Family

Our thoughts go with the family and friends of the late Pastor Phillip. He was a man of high stature and integrity. He had one of the biggest smiles in the SEC. May God’s love embrace and comfort you in your sorrow. Hold on to the only Hope of Reunion – The Resurrection Morning when our Saviour appears on the clouds of heaven

Pastor Robin Lewis SEC Colleague

Condolences from Sister Lynn Thomas and Family – Brixton SDA Church

Mrs M Lynn Thomas

Pastor was one of the great soldiers in God’s army. A really good influence on the younger pastors. Another great soldier has fallen asleep in Christ. Hope to see him on resurrection morning when Christ awakes him. Condolences to the family, you shall see him soon him soon when Christ come to take us home with him. Take courage. Blessings

Carol Sylvester

Dean Phillip was a man for all seasons. He was the quintessential multi-dimensional man, which made him a perfect fit wherever he went.
He was so much and more to so many and that summed up the essence of the man. A father, a mentor, a friend, brother, a protector, a counselor just to name a few. May the pleasant memories of him outlive this moment of understandable widespread grief. Rest in Eternal Peace Dean.

Compton Welch

Pastor, Uncle, Daddy many of the terms of endearment used for our Dear pastor James Phillip. Our family histories and connections run deep. In December 1991,  I arrived in London and reconnected with my family (the dream team Phillip family). Daddy Phillip was a mentor, friend and father through all my seasons along with his wife till he passed.  This is a blessing for which I am eternally grateful. So how do I remember him:
J -Jovial and Just
A-Adventurous, Adamant,  Avid food and allotment lover. Architect
M- Meticulous, marvelous, mentor, Music lover
E- Empathetic, energetic,  evangelist
S- Sociable,  Servant leader,  Statesman, Sharp dresser, (saga boy), Sports enthusiast

P- Passionate preacher, people’s Pastor
H- Hospitable and honorable, Holy dancer
I-Insightful,  Innovative
L- Loving. Lover of people and the word of God
L- Learned, Legacy maker and builder.
I- Inspirational man of integrity
P-Peace maker, Protector of the vulnerable
And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!”(Rev 14:13). A glorious legacy has been left. Pastor Phillip’s deeds will follow his family and the millions of lives God allowed him to touch. He sleeps in hope (as we rejoice in hope) of the resurrection morn.

Loaunne Sampson

I have known Pr Phillip for approximately 30 years, and during this time I have found him to be kind, honest, humorous, gregarious, generous and this list is not exhaustive. As a Pastor, a true man of God. He did not compromise – “Thus saith the Lord.” People person, great rapport with the youth etc. No one was ever sad around Pr P. He had this amazing personality that you first love in coming into contact with him; just a rounded beautiful person and Christian. Pr Phillip will sorely be missed.

Tim Francis